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J4NCL A & C Sweep Round 3 With This Week's Featured Game 17-02-2022

Round three came and went with victory for two of our teams. Here are Coach Michael's notes for the games...


(Notes from Coach Michael)

Congratulations to teams A and C for winning the matches, and very sorry to team B for having the first loss of the season.

Games were very exhilarating to watch indeed. And I am really glad to see players who were trying to do their best to create even the slightest advantage in the opening part of their games, targeting weaknesses of the opponents, and use these to improve the position and coordination of their pieces and gain superiority in the game. With tactical ideas, such advantages are very difficult to defend. Here are some of the games that have shown great initiative in the opening; Deimantas’ second game and Vince’s second game.

Let's have a look at these impressive games...


Here is the second game played by Deimantas. Great game Deimantas!!


Here is Vince's second game. What a brilliant game indeed, Vince!

Round 3 Results:

Brentwood A 3 vs. 4 Colchester Junior A

KJCA Young Kestrels 5 5.5 vs. 2.5. Colchester Juniors B

Watford D 1 vs. 6 Colchester Juniors C


Fantastic results from everyone who played, even if the result was not a win. A lot can be learned from a game that doesn't go exactly to plan. Keep up the good work, Colchester Juniors!

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