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Rules and Policy for Colchester Junior Chess Club

Please take a moment to read over our rules and policy with your Colchester Junior Club Member



Colchester Junior Chess Club (‘The Club’) encourages members to learn and improve their chess capacities through training, game play, and competition in a safe, fun, respectful and encouraging environment. 

All members are encouraged to practice good sportsmanship and fair play and shall be courteous and respectful to other members, coaches, volunteers, visitors, parents, and guardians. 

As a member of ‘The Club’, you are expected to abide by the following rules: 

1. Be on time for online or Over the Board training sessions, matches, and competitions - if any problems arise, please inform your coach as soon as you safely can. 

2. Please pay fees promptly. 

3. Prior to play, members should sign in and proceed to the training/playing area. At the end of play, please leave the training/playing area as you found it - setting up your board at the end of each game. 

4. Appropriate classroom behaviour is expected, and no shouting or excessive noise is allowed. Appropriate language should be used. 

5. No outside distractions of any kind in training/playing sessions including toys and phones. 

6. Use of mobile phones during training/playing sessions is prohibited (except in an emergency). 

7. No food or drinks are allowed in the training/playing sessions except during breaks as instructed by the coach and/or volunteers, or on medical grounds. During any breaks, drinks and snacks will be provided to members. 

8. Members must stay inside the training/playing area except if they wish to use the toilets.

9. For the safety of members and others, no running inside or outside the building and no playing on the stairwells is allowed. 

10. Chess pieces, boards, clocks, and stationery are provided by the club and should be treated with care and respect. Club equipment shall not be used for any purposes other than playing Chess. 

11. Members are responsible to keep the training and playing area tidy and clean. 

12. Online players must adhere to Lichess’s Terms of Service which can be found here. If a player is flagged or banned by Lichess, the player must deal with the matter directly with Lichess. ‘The Club’ will not accept responsibility for any consequences Lichess may impose on a member’s Lichess account. 

13. It is the responsibility of each member to provide working IT equipment prior to the start of each online session. If any problems arise, please inform your coach as soon as you can. 

14. Members shall practice good sportsmanship and fair play and shall be courteous to other players. Any member, of any age, hitting or abusing another member in any way will be dismissed from the training and playing areas to wait for pickup by their parent or guardian. We have zero-tolerance for any kind of bullying behaviour. 

15. ‘The Club’ does not tolerate abusive behaviour or violence toward the coaches, volunteers, or members. 

16. Members, visitors, volunteers, coaches, parents, and guardians should always be respectful of the venue (Hythe Community Hall), other people using the venue, the outside property, and the building contents. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the club's character values - honesty, respect, and care for the safety of others. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the building and revocation of membership and visiting privileges. 

17. Members who have any concerns or complaints should tell the coaches or volunteers available who will try to resolve the matter, or they can confidentially email any concerns to

17 October 2021 

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