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Final J4NCL Round 7 Results Lead to Semi-Finals for Team A & This Week's Featured Game 11-11-2021

(a note from Coach Catabay)

A massive congratulations to Team A for winning all the games and getting into the semi-finals of Division 2. Very well done to both Teams B and C playing vigorously against opponents with higher ratings, I am truly impressed with all the performances.

Horwitz Bishops is a configuration in which two bishops are aggressively placed on adjacent diagonals and the second game that James Beer (Jamesbeer) played is one amazing example. James’s Bishops pointed directly at the opponent’s King, creating a powerful threat that eventually ended in checkmate.

See James' featured game below

Wow, James! Now that is impressive bishop teamwork!

Final Results of Round 7 J4NCL

Colchester Junior A 8 vs. 0 Warwickshire Bears F

Colchester Junior B 3 vs. 5 Uxbridge B

Colchester Junior C 3 vs. 5 Crowthorne Juniors

Interested in learning more about 'The Power of Horwitz Bishops'?

Watch this video from FM Dennis Monokroussos which gives a great explanation and examples to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the Horwitz Bishops

Finally, I will say that we have had such a brilliant effort from all the team players. I have personally seen such growth and improvement from all of the juniors who started J4NCL a few months ago. The personal achievements of working within a team are always fuel to continue to push harder and to move ahead as stronger in the future.

Best of luck to Team A in the Semi-finals! The whole club is rooting for you!

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