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4NCL Results and Featured Game 08-02-2021

Hi everyone! Here are the results from the last 4NCL game. So sorry it's late (better later than never)!

Here are the notes from Coach Michael...


Impressive result from the A team winning the match tonight, and well played for both B and C teams. I was cheered up watching the games of the players playing slow and with really long games. And it doesn’t matter whether it was a loss, draw or win. What matters most is the effort they’ve put in the game.

Two main points tonight.

One is the game played by Nolan, who sacrificed a Bishop in move 34 to gain a positional advantage, which led to a substantial material advantage, then eventually winning the excellent game.

Here is Nolan's excellent game!


Second is the game played by Mae, who said before the start of the game she had a very strong opponent, and I replied, "Great, you will learn a lot". In the game, Mae has constantly created tactical threats to harass the opponents castled King, which seems to have created weaknesses to himself. Indeed, Mae’s finishing touches were splendid!

Here's Mae's splendid game...


Round 2 Results:

Plymouth 2.5 vs. 3.5 Colchester JFF A

Colchester Juniors B 0 vs. 4 Hebden Bridge 2

Colchester Juniors C 0 vs. 4 Harrow Juniors 1

Well done to everyone who played some very strong opponents! Our next game will be on Tuesday. Best of luck to everyone who will play in the game! :)

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