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Victory for Team A in Final 4NCLRound 7 & Featured game 17-11-2021

(a note from Coach Catabay)

Congratulations to Team A for winning their match tonight, and an impressive play to both Teams B and C, playing energetically against opponents with higher ratings. I am very proud of how you have all performed.

We all make mistakes in our games, but instead of feeling sorry for the mistake, we should inspire ourselves to find compensation for the error and carry on with our plan. The game that Rohan (Alex’s dad) played is one very good example. Rohan actually lost in an exchange on move 15 due to a skewer, but then again, Rohan continued his attack in the Kingside, and as my son (Rezin) says, “inviting all the pieces to the party”. The opponent appeared to feel the pressure and committed a blunder with fatal consequences which Rohan didn’t miss. Thank you Rohan for playing with our children this season.

I can’t say thank you enough parents for your wonderful support to our Juniors continued learning of this beautiful game of chess.

Check out Rohan's brilliant comeback below!

Well, Rohan, what a magnificent turn of events! Your game can teach us all a lot about perseverance and resilience.

Final Results of Round 7 4NCL

Dundee City C 1.5 vs. 2.5 Colchester Junior A

MHJ Bishops 3.5 vs. .5 Colchester Junior B

Colchester Junior C 1.5 vs. 2.5 Watford Juniors B

Interested in learning more about skewers?

Watch this video below from Coach Dat titled, "Chess Tactics Skewer Attacks"

Like a blink of an eye, 4NCL is over for this season. We have had an impressive season, with our players giving it their all, like Rohan, learning patience and perseverance in the classical game of chess. Thank you to all who have participated, including our club members, and parents. Coach Catabay will be in touch for the next season, which will start in January 2022.

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