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Team A Shines & Team B Holds Tight With a Draw in Round 6 & This Week's Featured Game 04-11-2021

(a note from Coach Catabay)

Congratulations to Team A for winning the match and good play by the B team getting a draw. Team C didn't participate this week due to one of the teams withdrawing.

This week's featured game was played by Vince (FirstElephant). Specifically, when he created the difference of having the pair of Bishops against the N+B of the opponent. He used this difference to create an advantage by generating tactical ideas and eventually converting the advantage into a winning game.

Check out Vince's fantastic game below!

Wow! What a brilliant game, Vince!

Final Results of Round 6 4NCL.

Colchester JFF A 3 vs. 1 Downend 2

Colchester JFF B 2 vs. 2 Streatham

Colchester JFF C vs. BYE

Superb playing once again Colchester Juniors!! I'm always in awe at what you all can achieve. There's just one round left of the Four Nations Chess League before the semi-finals. Best of luck to all of our players who will be competing on the 16th of November. See you next time with our results of the games.

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