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Spicy 4NCL Results for Team B & Featured Game 21 Sept 2021

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

(a note from Coach Catabay)

Congratulations to Team B for winning their match Tuesday night. The Hackney Boys were not as spicy after all! Very well played from all the players across the teams. All games were played in a slow pace which I am very grateful.

Final Results:

Wessex Some Stars F 3 vs. 1 Colchester Junior A

Hackney Spice Boys 1.5 vs. 2.5

Colchester Junior B

Colchester Junior C 1 vs. 3 Hebden Bridge 2

Well done to all of the players!

One game to mention Tuesday night was the game played by Nolan Pereira (Nolan100). A strategic approach in the end game making his opponents King unable to defend pawns on both side of the board.

Check it out and great job, Nolan!

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