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A Great Effort From All In 4NCL & This Week's Featured Game 08-03-2022

It proved to be a tough week for most of our juniors, but regardless, they pushed through and hopefully learned a lot from their games. Here are Coach Michael's notes from the games played Tuesday...


(a note from Coach Michael)

Well done to Team C for the match drawn and great effort to all the players for playing your hardest.

Learning the tactics is very important, as much as recognising the weaknesses of the position. One may recognise the weakness, but without the knowledge of tactics, it’s very difficult to take advantage of such.

In the game played by Ruqayyah Rida (TheCurriousParrot), both of these factors exist, where after the move 21. Bxd5 both the Rook and the e-pawn are in taboo from capturing the Bishop due to the weakness “Queen on e7” and the tactic “Pin” on the e-file.

Let's have a look at Ruqayyah's game!

Fantastic game, Ruqayyah!

Round 4 Results:

Colchester Junior JFF A 1.5 vs. 2.5 Oxford 4

Colchester Juniors JFF B.5 vs. 3.5 Uxbridge D

Colchester JFF C 1.5 vs. 1.5 Crowthorne B


So, taking about pins... Do you want to know more about the tactic that Ruqayyah used to help win her game? Here is a video called, "The 4 most important Pins in Chess | Chess Tactics | IM Alex Astaneh" from Chessfactor, explaining more about the tactic 'pins'.


Thank you to all the players for their great chess efforts to play for Colchester Junior Chess Club in the 4NCL League. Many thanks to all of the adults who help our juniors develop their chess every day. Have a great week, and watch for next week's post for J4NCL :)

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