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Welcome New Members, Birthday Fun, Club Merch, Best of Luck, & Endgames Continue

What a fantastic couple of weeks that we have had in our chess club. We have welcomed new members and are nearly at capacity for this term! What a wonderful achievement to have so many young people in Colchester interested in playing chess. We hope to see all our chess players playing again for the second term of the year.

We would like to welcome Danielius and Joella as our newest members of Colchester Junior Chess Club. They both have such a keen interest in chess and have been spectacular at jumping in to learn, play, and participate. We are so happy to have you both!

We also celebrated Coach Catabay’s birthday on the Tuesday OTB session. The children were so happy to watch Coach open his presents from all the club members. We can’t wait to see Coach’s hoodie on him! We all especially enjoyed the beautiful cake brought in by Rosella Catabay. A massive thank you to all the club members for the generous contributions and birthday greetings to make his birthday so special. He was truly beaming, and his gratitude spoke through his many smiles.

Many of you may have heard the announcement of our new club merchandise. We are so excited to be able to offer this to our players and to anyone who wishes to support the club. Some of the first orders are ready and we will be excited to see how they look (we’ll keep you posted)! They will make an excellent gift for the holidays for your club member, grandparents (or even a gift for yourself). Learn more about club merch here.

We would like to wish the best of luck to some of our club members who will be attending the British Junior Rapid & Blitz Championship and will take place on 13th-14th November at Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes. Nolan (u 16), Huzaifa (u 14), Mae (u 12 girls), Rezin (u 10), Ruqayyah (u 10 girls), Vince, Jason (u 8), and Grace (u 8 girls) will be playing in the two-day event. We are so proud of their efforts and wish them the best over the weekend. You can follow the games live by following this link here.

We have continued with the endgames with both the beginners and the intermediate/advanced players. This week the beginners have been learning about the most important tactic, which is, of course, the checkmate. The intermediate and advanced groups have continued to work together on the endgame puzzles. It has been brilliant to watch the players working together in groups and this week in pairs.

Check out our newest photos from inside the club sessions...

Many thanks as always to all the club members, parents, committee members, and of course our club coach! See you all next time!

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