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Team B Takes the Win for Colchester Juniors in 4NCL & This Week's Featured Game 5-10-2021

(a note from Coach Catabay)

Congratulations to Team B for winning the match Tuesday night and Team A for the draw. As we all know, there was a very interesting game with Team C- Board 1. This game is now being investigated further. There were a couple of games that I thought our team could have earned the points for. But unfortunately, players were not able to find the best move for this opportunity. I do hope that players have looked back at their games to see what has been missed.

Here are the final results of Tuesday's results Round 4:

Colchester Junior A 2 vs. 2 Dundee City C

Colchester Junior B 3 vs. 1 Catford Cosmonauts 4

Wells Globetrotters 2 4 vs. 0 Colchester C

Our featured game goes to Rezin Catabay (CodeFlyingSword) who displayed tactical skills to create the difference. He continued to display brilliant tactical ideas to covert the advantage into a winning game. Check it out below!

Great game and well done, Rezin!!

See you next week with the results from Round 5 4JNCL! Best of luck to everyone playing.

Thanks again to all of the playing members who work to improve for their team and the parents & carers who support them :)

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