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Team A Smash J4NCL Semi-finals & Progress to Finals & This Week's Featured Games 11-25-2021

(a note from Coah Catabay)

Congratulations, Colchester Junior A are through to the Finals.

Excellent display of strategies and so many combinations of tactics in the games played by our Juniors, and I simply enjoyed them all.

Initiative is a wonderful difference in the game, and creating these is taking it to a higher level of comprehension. And two very good examples are the 2nd games played by Ruqayyah and Mae, who both continually created threats from the start of the games until the end.

A grand achievement to you all!

The Finals will be played on the 9th December.

Final results of the semifinals J4NCL Div.2

Colchester Junior A 6 1/2 vs. 1 1/2 Edgware Gambits C

Check out this excellent game played by Ruqayyah

Have a look at this incredible game played by Mae

Brilliant play by Nolan, Mae, Huzaifa, & Ruqayyah, who are our Team A players!

We can't wait to watch the finals on 9 December 2021. Best of luck to you all.

So what is 'The Initiative'?

Let's look at a video from GothamChess about this chess concept.

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