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Season 5 of 4NCL Starts! Team C Smashes Round 1 & This Week's Featured Game 25-01-22

Hello again!

Welcome to the season 5 Four Nations Chess League (4NCL) Blog.

We have had a break, and now our players are back for another fierce season of competitive chess. We welcome Drummer (radicalepicdude), who has joined the team and had a successful first game. Way to go, Drummer! For those who may not be familiar with this tournament, our team will play in this league every other week, beginning 25 Jan - 19 April. It is a standard, or called a classical game, which means it is a longer game. The time control for 4NCL is 45min+15sec on each side. Contrary to the J4NCL, this league is made up of players of any age. For many of our club members, it is great to practice the slower classical game, which improves concentration and allows the player to have more time to think. The leagues consist of teams from all four nations, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Best of luck to the Colchester Juniors and the Colchester Parents, who will be giving it their all this season! Now Coach Catabay gives us his notes from the games...

(a note from Coach Catabay)

Woww... we are just in round 1 and so much excitement already.

Congratulations to Drummer for winning his debut in the league, and salute to Team C for winning their matches. For those who were unlucky, I hope that you'll look back on the games you have played and learn from the mistakes.

Having a passed pawn in the end game is every strong player's dream to have, but creating one is another thing that requires skills to generate, and well done Alexander for creating one in your game.

Check out Alex's passed pawn in action!

Well done, Alex! A nail biting victory that was exciting to watch

Here are the results of Thursday's game:

Dundee City D 3 vs. 1 Colchester JFF A

Wessex Some Stars F 3.5 vs.5 Colchester JFF B

Harrow Juniors 3 0 vs. 4 Colchester JFF C

Passed Pawns? What are they and why are they so important? Just like in Alex's game, a passed pawn can save the day. The humble pawn is a mighty saviour! Check out this video from NM Robert Ramirez, who gives a fantastic lesson about passed pawns...

Hope you enjoyed this blog. See you all next week with the J4NCL results :)

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