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Round 5 J4NCL 'Pot of Gold' Results for Teams A, B, & C - Plus! This Week's Featured Game 17-03-2022

There was nothing 'lucky' about the terrific outcome of our games played on St Patrick's Day on Thursday. All three of our teams played incredibly well against some very strong opponents. Well done to all our Colchester Juniors, who played with great enthusiasm and strength.


(notes from Coach Michael)

All matches won from across our teams A, B and C, excellent performance indeed.

Very well done to Liam (millefiori), who made his debut in the league in our team playing all the way from New Jersey, USA.

Highlight of the games were probably the ones played by Nolan and Rezin both on the 1st games.

The game of Nolan started with a solid opening Caro-Kann, and both sides seem to have equal chances from the start. But as the end game approaches, Nolan must have recognised the slight difference in the pawn structure, as he tries to simplify the position into Knight vs. Bishop end game, where the Knight became superior and forced the opponent to resign due to the passed pawn eyeing on the promotion.

Have a look at Nolan's game...

In Rezin’s game, he definitely highlighted the significance of having an initiative in the opening by delaying the development of his King to be castled, and constantly putting pressure on the uncomfortable opponents King, which may have contributed to the miscalculation of the opponent when Rezin delivered the tactic Fork and gave him a decisive advantage of the game.

Check out Rezin's impressive game...

Superb Results for Round 5

Colchester Junior A 5.5 vs. 2.5 Barnet Knights A

Colchester Junior B 6.5 vs. 0 Manchester Junior C

Colchester Junior C 5.5 vs. 2.5 Cambridge Chess & Go B


So, let's talk about forks. Forks mean much more to me now than silver, salad or dessert utensils! In this video by and GM Simon Williams, you'll learn a lot more about this simple but highly effective tactic. Sorry, no real advice about antique silver forks in this blog...

Join GM Simon Williams (@GingerGM) as he breaks down five of his favourite forks in chess history! In chess, a fork is a tactic whereby a single piece makes two or more direct attacks simultaneously. It is also called a double attack. These moves come from some of the greatest chess players of all time, including Bobby Fischer, Magnus Carlsen, and Tigran Petrosian. Which of these is YOUR favourite chess fork?


Superb games played by Nolan and Rezin. Thanks for everyone's continued dedication to your junior's chess improvement. It is so special to see such positive progress and growth within all of them. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. See you soon with the 4NCL results blog :)

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