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J4NCL Finals - Team A - Thrilling Games & Magnificent Efforts - Check Out Our Featured Games

(a note from Coach Catabay)

I was thrilled with all the games played, and I cannot be grateful enough for all the efforts you have put in your games this evening. Your confidence has developed so much that you always put the best in every game you play, and that is how we should continue to enjoy the beautiful game of chess.

Final results:

Colchester Juniors 3.5 vs. 4.5 JHJ Shark 1

Definitely beautiful games played from across the boards:

Board 1

Ruqayyah, playing the strongest player in the Division or maybe in the league, has done so well that she managed to force a draw in the 2nd game.

Board 2

Nolan is notably, with so many thrills, the most outstanding player tonight, who continually created differences on the board to his advantage.

Board 3

Huzaifa again showed another skill in the end game in round 2 using the pawns, which goes…..Vroom Vroom.

Board 4

Mae has again enjoyed her superiority in the 1st game with her favourite opening “Kings Gambit”, creating a wonderful coordination of the pieces.

Congratulations to all the players, not only with the Team A, but also to everyone.

And parents, you are the best ever, thank you so much.

So, most of us have heard of "the Queen's Gambit". But what is the "King's Gambit", which is also Mae's favourite opening? Let's find out!

Here is a video by Hanging Pawns called "King’s Gambit | Ideas, Principles and Common Variations".

Well done to all our talented players in the league, and we look forward to more exciting games in the future!

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