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A Win, Lose, & Draw For Round 5 4NCL Results, Plus! This Week's Featured Games 24-03-22

What a whirlwind of excitement in the games played in 4NCL round 5. Well done to everyone who played, and especially to Team A, who crushed their opponents! Let's check out what Coach Michael had to say about the games played...

(notes from Coach Michael)

Congratulations to Team A for winning the match, and to Team C for a draw. And an unfortunate result to the B team.

Playing chess is a skill in which creativity is developed. Owning a passed pawn is a wonderful thing, but creating one is another. And both Mae and Grace seem to have developed the latter, as in the games they played tonight.

In Mae’s game, she sacrificed a pawn by 38. d5. and continued trying to give up the rook by pushing 39. e6 on the next move simply to create a monstrous passed pawn, eventually the game ended in a draw.

Have a look at Mae's monstrous game...

While in Grace’s game, after the exchange on move 22, she continued the game with a5 on move 23, threatening to create a decisive 2 connected passed pawns enough to force the opponent into resignation.

Look out! Those pawns are out for promotion! Have a look here....

Round 5 Results

Colchester JFF A 2.5 vs. -.5 Farnham B

War and Piece Nimrod 3.5 vs. .5 Colchester JFF B

Manaccan Maulers 2 vs. 2 Colchester JFF C


Creating a passed pawn can give you a big advantage. In this video by ChessMood, GM Gabuzyan shares useful tips on how to create one when pawns are equal.


An enormous well done to Mae and Grace for the featured games this post. Also, we are so proud of every player who strives to improve with each and every game. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we'll see you again soon with more results! :)

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