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Season 5 Of J4NCL Rolls With Team B Winning the Round! Plus, This Week's Featured Game 03-02-2021

Colchester Juniors played some great chess on Thursday night for the second round of the J4NCL Season 5. Well done to everyone who played! Here are Coach Michaels's notes from Thursday...

(a note from Coach Catabay)

Congratulations to Team B for winning their match again, and well done to the rest of the players who played slow and really long games given the time of just 10 minutes. Also, I want to compliment the effort that Gabriel has done to his 1st game of the league.

Attacking the opponents King is of supreme importance in chess, and there are certain set-ups, which gives us the hints to force the attack. One of them is when one side has the bishop-pair aimed along open diagonals at enemy’s castled position, and one very good example to this is the game 1 played by .

Wow! What a fantastic game Ruqayyah!

Here are the results from Thursday's game:

Colchester Juniors A 3 vs. 5 Leicestershire Juniors

Colchester Juniors B 4.5 vs. 2.5 JHJ Shark Tank 4

Colchester Juniors C 1.5 vs. 6.5 Hilsmark Juniors 1

The Power of the Bishop Pair is explained in this video from Hanging Pawns

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Best of luck to our juniors playing on Tuesday. See you all next week with the J4NCL results :)

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